Saturday, January 17, 2009


I lost a bet recently that got me to thinkin'. Simple bet, a beer, something we share frequently anyway, so it wasn't as if I lost the pink slip to the '57 Chevy or anything.

The bet.

She loves the t.v. show 'Friend'. I like it, but I'm not fanatical about it. So were talking about it, laughing about the 'peeing on the leg after being stung by a jellyfish' episode and I brought up the 'fact' that we had gone together to watch the final episode at the Onion, a local bar and grill.

"No we didn't," she said.

"Yes we did, duh," I so intelligently responded.

She went on to say that "no, we didn't, you must have gone with another blonde girlfriend" and I replied that I "didn't have another 'blonde' girlfriend",
and so on and so forth until I layed the bet on the table.

"You wanna bet a beer on it?"

And sure as Dick Cheney would shotgun shoot any liberal in the face if situation presented itself, the big giant Gong Show bong crashes in my head, and I know she's right. About almost everything. She was right about not seeing the finale with me, about when the final episode aired, etc, etc, etc, and now I owe her a beer.

She was wrong about the other 'blonde' although. A redhead, just to set the record straight.

So, fine, cool, I love hanging with her, sharing a beer with her, and am more than happy to pay up, but that really has nothing to do with why I'm writing this blog at this time.

What it's really about is 'friends'. Not the show, but real life.

I have the greatest friends ever, the best a man could ask for really. I may not let them know as much as I should, but they are.

There is my brother and sister-in-law that have taken me in like a lost puppy, knowing how screwed up I am, allowing me to act like a child in a grown up world. I am no idiot, I know how lucky I am to have them. Mo's cooking is the best by the way!

I have a couple dozen friends that I've met up on the internet, caught up with really. Some are from high school, got me a new crush! There are some that date back as far back as my days as a Madison Mustang, where a kickball tournament, boys against girls, has been scheduled for this summmer. Crazy kids@!

I met my newest friend. Her name is Elike Kalikele. I had a really shitty week at work, but no matter, she was always there to listen to my rants and cool me down when the boss lady was being a bitch.

That same night, I spent the evening drinking, laughing, and taxiing back home safely with a great group that I cherish dearly.

I had coffee with my 'locker partner', catching up and realizing I do not want to own a goat but we should be closer to self sufficent and less reliant on foreign oil. Love ya, Flash!

Biofeedback...Marc...see ya Wednsday!

Watched the Zags thump Santa Clara at the Doors with Nick o' the North and fam...

I discovered I have a new favorite 'song', in one word!!! God, I wish the world could hear it, but not now. Needs to be taken in, discovered and cherished before it can be revealed, but I have a new found faith because of it, so I know in time I'll be able to share it with it you all. Has nothin' to do with oranges and navels, by the way;)

Best of all, I have, not so recently, not just this week, but recently, realized that I have the greatest friend in the world. She listens to my work tirades, my life battles and my anguish over crazy exe's. She has a life of her own, her own troubles, and her own problems, but she is always there to listen. Sometimes she gives words of wisdom, but mostly she listens.

So although, I may have lost a 'Friends' bet, but it was a small price to pay in finding out that I have so many other friends that are there for me.

Love ya all!

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