Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Locker Room Harassment - Grab a towel, baby and we'll play some ass snap!

I know I'll probably get in trouble with many out there in Equal Rights World but I have a beef with Lady Gaga.  (HA HA HA!!!  Just kidding.  Truth be told I don't give a rats ass about that crazy bitch, and, actually, I wish a pack of hungry zombies would eat her T-bone flavored face off!)

No, really, my problem is this whole controversy with Ines Sainz.  Unless you get your news out of Siberia than you've probably heard of Ines.  You see, Ines Sainz is a sports reporter, she is from Latin America somewhere, and she covers the New York Jets.  Or was, the day she walked into the locker room wearing this ensemble.


What a dog!  Want more proof?  How about this outfit that Ines has been known to wear to work, but don't go saying I didn't warn you, because I did.


Don't know about you, but it personally gives me that nasty, nauseating upchuck feeling that comes from eating three day old tuna that's been sitting out on the counter in mid August.

Anyway, the controversy comes on the tight jeans and exploding cleavage coattails of an incident that took place over this last weekend after a New York Jets practice.  Seems Ms. Sainz was waiting for Mark Sanchez in the locker room to do an interview, when (wearing outfit shown above) she began to grow uncomfortable when fifty-two grown men, having come off a strenuous practice began to grow uncomfortable in their jock straps.

The fifty-third member of the team, the place kicker, was in the corner of the locker room, arguing by text with his boyfriend Juavier about where the hippest place to meet for drinks and listen to techno music was.  Miss Ines was the least of his concern.

Ines claims, although uncomfortable about remarks, leers, a impromptu booby grabs, she had in no way reported it to the Jets franchise, the NFL, nor Vivid Adult Entertainment where she's also employed.  She insists it was another fellow, female reporter that broke the story.

Thank God for The Association of Women in Sports Media though, to help sort out this mess.

"AWSM continues to monitor issues regarding locker-room access and is committed to helping create and maintain a work environment that is free of harassment and hostility," the statement said.

Hmmmm...and double fucking hmmmm...

I have an idea AWSA.  Just going out  on a limb of course.  I mean, I really don't have any expertise on the issue.  I'm only a guy, so what do I know?  Anyway, why not keep women, the kind with vaginas and large mammary glands out of the locker room of over paid, over sexed, highly immature and complete moronic and overgrown children that happened to be professional athletes?

Just saying.

Anyway, I'll leave you with one last disgusting picture to prove my confusion over the Ines Sainz controversy.  I'm sorry if this leaves you with a bad taste in your intestinal tract, but the fact that I, being the moral, upstanding person that I am, have a duty to bring you the full story, regardless of any compromising positions I might find myself in.



  1. Okay.. first off, her implanted titty balls look horrible in that bikini picture and second of all.... she needs to learn for the job. If she were going out clubbing or hooking on 7th street these outfits would be perfect... not so much for reporting and locker rooms.

  2. I agree mama....And like I said before, If you pay for boobies its because you want people to look at said boobies. She very much enjoys men oogling at her, otherwise she wouldn't wake up every morning and choose her provocative outfits, and go to her plastic surgeon every month for her botox.
    I wonder if she realizes though....her boobies are crooked.

  3. I agree completly. This practice of women in the locker room, all dressed up is ludicrous. Grab a towel honey and get comfortable with the boys.

    Good God, when did it become alright for women to be in the locker room? When I was in school, and played sports, the only time a girl was in the locker room was because she was the school slut, and she expected nothing less than harassment.

    When I grow up, I'm going to be a reporter for a professional woman's lacrosse team! Woot Woot!

  4. Oh wow...her boobies ARE crooked! Maybe if she hadn't spent all her money on those ass implants, she could've gotten top-of-the-line even boobies.

  5. ok. first before I get more hate mail telling me how I am "an affront to modern women everywhere" ( yeah I was proud ), let me say this, every woman has the right to dress how she wants to and when she wants to, if she can afford it she can plastic surgery herself into the silicone bionic woman for all I care. HOW- FREAKING EVER ! Football players are just modern gladiators, they aren't in the game because of their mad engineering and calculus skills, logic reasoning skills, and profound mature judgement they are OD'd on testosterone and even a 4 yr old female child can tell that. Now, let's just take a look at his in a parallel universe. After a big game all the women in the professional sports are naked in the locker room taking showers and we let some buff dude with spray painted assless chaps roam on in to "do their job" and ask some important question in such a think accent that none of the steroid pumped Einsteins can understand anyway. NO. sorry, but when there is a murder, we have to wait for a press conference, when there's a natural disaster we wait for a press conference, WTH, makes ANYTHING this grunting mono syllable naked specimens of overpaid and medically enhanced men have to say so FRIGGIN important we can't wait until they rinse off their jiggly bits put on clothes and walk into a room where EVERYONE is dressed. Also if she is such a pro ( and if she works for vivid she is) then she should totally be able to handle herself and is familiar with the concept of WARDROBE or lack there of, including what is professional. Maybe she confused which company she worked for that day due to some language barrier. To the former girls volley ball, golf and tennis players who make up the AWSM, please shut your gaping friggin mustache covered penis envy pie holes, you don't speak for the rest of us. The ones who know you don't wear a friggin tube top to a funeral, or walk into a room full of naked men dressed like a trollop and expect them not to react. Please hold your next "self righteous, never had a good lay" meeting on the nearest really active volcano, and take all the other groups that think they speak for the majority with you. thanks buh bye.

  6. Miss Peachy, I have one thing to say. THAT. WAS. FUCKING. AWESOME! I think you said it all, and then some. I especially like the part about how to control Canadian Ragweed. You did mention Canadian Ragweed didn't you? (Give me twenty minutes, I'm going back to re-read your comment) Okay, I'm back. Sorry, no mention of Canadian Ragweed but the fact that this is news pisses me off. These women, whether the reporters or AWSA is up in arms that they're being 'harassed' in the locker room is infuriating. Agreed, wait til all the boys are dressed and meet 'em in a conference room.

    So ladies, let me spell it out. The boys are looking to ogle, do some groping and bending anything with a hole over a trainers table, so expect derogatory remarks. Good god!

    Oh and "grunting mono syllable naked specimens of overpaid and medically enhanced men" is the funniest sentence I've woke to in a long time. Thanks bunches!