Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My ongoing series on people who must die flies north for the winter.  Then south into Texas, to East Philly, taking I-80 into Chicago for Oprah, back to GMA and then...well, from there, I can only hope it crashes in a Nebraska cornfield!

Today is the day that Sarah Palins book, "Going Rogue", comes out.  Her calling of sorts.  She having told Barbara Walters in an interview about her future in television, "I'd probably rather write than talk."  Really?  Mrs. Palin, when are you going to start this new found career of yours, writing that is?  On your next book?  Are you going to fire your ghost writer, or keep her around to breast feed your baby and keep a look out for Russians?

Am I the only one that is sick and tired of this woman? It's become so bad that I'm considering putting myself down like Barbaro after the Preakness so I don't have to see her smug little face any longer!  I'm afraid that's going to be what has to happen though, because she isn't going anywhere.

Did this country not learn their lesson when she ran as John McCain's little bitch?  He brought her on to boost his impossible chance at continuing the route that Karl Rove and Dick Cheney Bush engineered, but instead she hurt what little chance he had. 

The woman has no credible thought process.  This, the McCain camp knew, thus their resignation about letting her do unrehearsed interviews.  And when she did try this out, talking with real life people, she embarrassed the campaign, the cause, her husband, and the entire frozen state of Alaska.  Even the Alaskan short-tailed weasels cringed when she tried to 'take on' Katie Couric. What a mess that was!


"By gum, what's a newpaper, Katie?"

Now she's claiming she was being 'badgered' with a 'partisan agenda'.  First off, let me just say, GROW SOME BALLS, SARAH!!!!  We all know you got 'em hiding up there somewhere!


"We have them critters in Alaska, Katie.  Should see 'em.  Big as, well, big as badgers, they are!"


"Well, Miss Couric, we love ourselves a good ol' humdinger of a party up where I hang my hat, we do!"

Thank the good partisan lord above that the voters figured out and understood she was an idiot before it was too late.  My thinking was it was inevitable that McCain would have ended up braking his skull wide open falling down the West Wing steps due to a geriatric hip, leaving Palin as our Commander in Chief.


Okay, that was the past, but what about the future?

This is how I see this playing out and what I truly fear the most.  Sarah Palin is going to run in the next presidential election, and that she will win on November 6, 2012.  Good new is that it will be short lived, knowing the world is scheduled to end December 21, 2012.

Gotta love Armageddon huh!

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  1. [good article] I agree she is extremely annoying, but considering the majority of her vote will come from "twitter" I highly doubt she will win... also remember what was said in the past on the world as a subject (I don't remember who said it) "Do NOT try to predict the end or it will never come.". The day she becomes president is the day I fly to a country our army is fighting and walk through the middle with a white flag. or i could run through screaming "Anarchy", "Anarchy".etm
    -zax- >XD