Sunday, November 23, 2008

WTF ;)~

What ever happened to conversation? Just two people sitting in front of each other and saying whats on their minds. It seems we've become a society of retards that can't do this simple task any longer, but have to rely on other means to get our thoughts across.

Now, as a guy, I'm not saying I necessarily want this to go on while I'm trying to read the Sunday paper. Not while I'm getting my morning absorption of useless sports information and choking down a bowl of Cookie Crisp and gulping at my quad shot mocha. Not for this talking thing to take place. I don't want to be asked questions, whined at, made face at, and I sure as shit don't want to hear that you want me to put up the interior molding of your asshole fathers house that we rent from!
So, please, for the love of God, don't bother me during that time.

What I'm really talking about here is, when something is important and when the time is right, how 'bout just saying, "Hey, what ya want for dinner?" or "You want to go to the lake this weekend?" or "Go fuck yourself!" See how easy that is? When put in those terms there is no deciphering, no question of what is meant. I don't need to try and figure out what the hell is really trying to be said. After all, I am a guy and can only take so much blathering.
Then, even more than all that, let's all stop with the conversational texting. K? For a couple of reasons. First off, my fingers and brain do not, on any level, think alike. They don't work together and I suspect there has been an ongoing quarrel between them since just after Dick Cheney lost his conscience (no, that is not at all true. He lost that around the turn of the twentieth century, long before I was a twinkle). And then there is the problem of trying to communicate by way of texting; it comes out jumbled and full of all kinds of symbols that only the ancient Egyptians would understand. They'd be walking through a dark, cavernous hallway, somewhere inside a pyramid, and King Tut would say, "Hey what the hell is that?! All of his followers would look to see what the young king was looking at and they'd see a crude drawing of a young pharaoh getting it on with a goat. General laughter amongst them all would ensue, and then in order for their imminent deaths not to take place they would have to grab him, wrap him and stuff him in a large, gold casket, that eerily kinda looked like him.

It's all the symbols and shortened words that suck! LOL, ;), TTYL, fyi, Ur, gtg, ;(, LMAO!, thx, etc, etc. WTF!!!! (interpretation-What The Fuck!!!!)

And don't even get me started on the late night 'drunk texting'. BITCH!!!! (interpretation-BITCH!!!!)

It isn't so much that text is a bad thing. By no means is it evil, or the end of the world. It's just been mismanaged thus far. It's a tool, and a useful one in communicating with another person, if you keep it short, folks.

My text to a buddy - 'meet me at the Doors to watch the Zags'.

My buddies text back - 'K, cool;)~'. See how he ended it with that fuckin' stupid symbol?

My text back - 'Your a fag!'

Now, notice the symbol I sent back? Mine had a lot more meaning, right? A good old fashioned exclamation point to emphasize that I think he's a fag. Regardless, in the end, it was short, to the point and highly effective exchange of messages that led us to the Swinging Doors, drinking a pitcher, chowing on wings and watching the Zags stomp North Carolina for the national championship;)

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  1. Hi Ron! This is Shasta, Elissa's friend! Your blog is great, it really cracked me up.