Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Not really a blog post per se, but I just wanted to inform you all that I've recently been dickering with my blog.  I changed the template, background and colors of my blog, because I've been feeling lately that I need to grow some, maybe mature a little and then...  Actually, truth is, my eyes are going to shit and I'm having a hard time differentiating text, contrasts, Bubbleicious from Hubba Bubba and the damn'd background color was too dark and moody, in turn giving me a throbbing migraine.

Now with that out of the way, I'll try moving forward with the zeal, zest, immoral and hopefully, highly offensive content that is SCUZZYMONEY, just a whole lot more legible.

Oh, one other thing.  I was going through my unpublished posts and ran across this....

------      ------      ------

As a small child, being of delusional mind, hieroglyphic bowel movements and the sanctimonious burden I carried, I moved across the sweeping expanse of self-involvement and sheer ineptitude.

I was a lost soul.

It took me finally growing bleary eyed, and tortured by both rabid squirrels and Tabernacle re-mixes of You Got What I Need by Biz Markie, and not even peanut butter and celery sticks sculptures, creating the most abstract and disturbing image, not of the Virgin Mary, but of Donald Trumps rug, could I find my meaning.

------      ------      ------

 If anyone can please explain what the fuck I was on while writing this it'd be much appreciated.

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  1. Stephen Colbert mentioned King Tut's penis was missing. I'm sure if somebody ate it it would make that person write exactly what you wrote. Not that I'm accusing you of stealing it but...

    I also have just changed to a white background. Getting old sucks. It is much easier to read.