Friday, December 18, 2009

Rita Must Die...uh....


If you're at all a fan of the t.v. series DEXTER, and haven't seen the latest season and don't want to know what happens, don't read this.  If you're a fan of my blog or just me in particular, I do take donations.  Small bills, tens and twenties will suffice.  Thanks!


I’m real disturbed by Dexter.  Not that he tenderized Trinity (John Lithgow - cast perfectly) with a framing hammer because we all knew this was coming.  This is the structure of Dexter after all.  For a whole season he chases the bad guy while chiseling, sawing, mincing, snuffing and power tooling the other bad people of Florida, although, I can only hope that Katherine Harris is of special interest to him in upcoming seasons.
No, what has me on alert is that he’s left himself in especially bad situations that I really cannot see how he’s going to explain.  Not with much ease nor certainty.

Let’s cut this up and toss ’er in the Gulf Stream.

Deborah is on him like maggots on a corpse.  And if she isn’t then the only thing I see positive about her character is her beautifully foul mouth.  I’ve never been more turned on by a woman that can tell a person to ‘fuck off’ yet make it sound like a compliment.  She now knows that the Ice Truck Killer was Dexter’s brother and that evil lurks around every palmetto that is her family.  She was somewhat suspicious of him before, and if she isn’t now then I have to believe the writers were hired straight off the set of According To Jim.  I suspect, Deborah will be officially let in on Dexter’s secrets, in one capacity or another.  So, will she embrace this new information or will she get a bad case of diarrhea and amnesia caused by a bad breakfast burrito.  What?  This is where I see the writing going!

Trinity singled out Rita.  For no reason other then, well…what?  Okay, I know what most are saying, Rita bleeding out in a bathtub, how is this a bad thing, right? She was annoying, couldn’t put the baby to sleep or determine he had a fever without calling Dexter, and from what I could tell, she couldn’t brush her wax the kitchen floor without consulting Dexter.  She’s leeched on, was dependant and was more or less a boil on my ass.  Imagine how Dexter must’ve felt.  You are also saying, the whiny bitch got what was coming to her.  I concur.  But how does Dexter explain all this?  Rita sliced and soaking in her own DNA?  What kind of excuse will he have for Harrison rolling around, finger painting in pretty reds? How does our favorite blood spatter specialist get out of this, with any sort of realistic chance of no one knowing he was connected to Trinity, which leads me to…that there is plenty of evidence linking Dexter with the Trinity Killer.

First off, the video that there’s sure to be at Dexter‘s place of work and sanctuary.  Trinity shows up, having followed Dexter and wanders around the place like he owns it, like he’s scouting out his next bludgeoning.  Then the handshake, physical proof that the two killers knew each other.  Then, we’ll find out that Batista will suddenly and miraculously remember seeing the serial killer in the station.  Connect the dots, from one video feed to the next, people.

Oh and let’s not forget Trinity’s family.  For God sake, Dexter was a part of the family for weeks leading up to Rita being drained, which by the way, was the same time my celebration started.  Not only did he go to Four Walls builds, but he had continuous close contact with the three remaining members of the Trinity family clan.  Befriending the son, sexual favors offered up by the daughter, and the mom, well, I had hoped she would have been the next victim in the cycle, throwing herself off a large building, to no avail though.  And not only did Dex have contact, but he was there the moment SWAT came rappelling through the front windows.  How will Dexter explain all that?

And while were talking about family, what about his.  The kids.  How the hell does Dexter take care of three kids while doing his job working for the police, while Saran wrapping and miter sawing victims and, most importantly, while trying to redirect any and all suspicion.  They were a handful with Rita, but now that she’s gone, how does he keep up the hectic pace of his now?  I suspect he’ll ship the step kids off to the goofy grandparents while he takes Harrison under his wing and begins the long and inevitable teachings, that are THE CODE.

However it all goes down next year, I’m sure the Dark Passenger talks him through all the bloody messes that Dexter has got himself into but what I suspect, and fear most of all, is that the writers are going to massacre the next season, leaving us watchers dying for another favorite serial killer to root for...

I hear Manson some spare time on his hands.  Maybe we can let him go, train some cameras on him and call it reality.  That kind of fun filled carnage writes itself.  Uh...ya, maybe not.

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