Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mike Huckabee Must DIe!

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Huck huck, bo buck, banana fana fo fuck!!!  Mike Huckabee, you pompous ass, you must die!

First off, let me just say, Maurice Clemmons got what was coming to him.  Shot dead by a police officer, fearing that the suspected killer of four Lakewood, Washington police officers was going for his gun.  The police officer reacted viligantly, with purpose and without hesitation knowing that the man confronting him was indeed the man that with the utmost of cowardice, executed not only four innocent cops, but four innocent people.  This guy deserved to die.

But what irritatingly scratches at my craw is that Mike Huckabee, in the same breath that he was saying "If I could have known nine years ago this guy was capable of something of this magnitude, obviously I would never have granted a commutation" he was blaming the Pierce County court system for allowing Clemmons bond out on charges of 3rd degree assault, malicious mishchief and later, second degree child rape.

Again, I'm agreement, what with Clemmons criminal record, I believe the bastard shouldn't have had the chance to walk on a $150,000 bail.  The guy should be rotting in prison, slurping slurry soup and bunking up with Bubba, but they did let him walk and that will have to be looked into.

But the point is, after he was released from the Arkansas prison system, he continued committing heinous crimes until he found his way to the state of Washington.

Oh, but Maurice wasn't the only one with the long record, was he?  For instance, Mike during his ten plus years as governor of Arkansas, didn't just commute Clemmons, but...give me a moment...counting....sorry, long list....oops, gotta get a new battery for the calculator...okay...just one more second...YES!!!!  Final tally of commuted criminals...1,033!

1,033!  One thousand and thirty-three!  One more than a thousand and thirty-two yet one less than one thousand thirty-four, thank God!  By my estimation (and the quality research time my assistant put in) that is more pardons than the surrounding six states combined - Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas.  To be fair though, Texas doesn't commute anyone, but instead electrocutes you for spitting on the sidewalk, so they don't count.

Not only that, Maurice Clemmons wasn't the only violent criminal to have his conviction commuted by the good governor that ultimately went on to re-offend.  In 1997, he helped in getting Wayne DuMond, a convicted rapist release and back on the streets so he could rape and kill another woman.

Mike you are a fuck wad, a scum sucking pig and a boil on my ass!  Please go away!  I'm sure there is a iron barred cell in hell with Maurice Clemmons awaiting your arrival.

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  1. Oh, he'll die alright - in his ratings over at Fox News.