Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm not working right now, so I basically have a lot of time on my hands. That is after I wake up, ranging anywhere from 7:30 in the morning all the way up til the time Conan O'Brien ends sometime after midnight.

Speaking of which, I'm diggin' Conan O'Brien these days.

Funny guy.

But it's the hair that gets me more than anything. I could watch that hair anytime, anywhere. Funniest living thing ever, and when I say living, I mean living!

Take a look, but be warned. I took his face out of the pic because the hair is what I want to concentrate on here.


How can you not think that isn't the coolest thing since the creature crawled from the black lagoon. Actually, kinda looks like it might have crawled out of a swamp, but with a sense of humor.

Be honest. Have you ever seen it up close? Really looked at it?

At time it seems to laughs along with Conan. In even rarer times, and I do mean rare, for obvious reasons, it appears to snicker at an Andy Richter comment.

It lives!

And dang if it isn't a protective device as well. This was proven after his near death experience after falling on his head while racing Teri Hatcher. Since then Honda is looking into the engineering of his hair to see if there is something there that could improve their airbag deployment technology. Riddell, maker of football helmets, have already pushed a prototype to the front of their research department so to have them in mass production and rolling off the assembly line by next years fall college football season.

They're calling it the Annihilator!

That is a helmet I can't wait to see the Detroit Lions wearing. It isn't like they could possibly get beat up any worse than they do every Sunday.

Alright, the whole Conan thing does run deeper than just the comedians hair with me though. I really do think he's funny, in a 'red headed stepchild way' but funny none the less. Goofy, funny faces, his quick wit, the way he can play with the camera and do lousy imitations that are recognizable regardless of how terrible they are.


I've been a fan for many years, long before the late night talk shows. Dating back to the Simpsons, where he was a writer in the early years. Oh, and a little known fact. During his stint with Matt Groening and pals, Conan's hair had it's first shot at stardom, and the first time anyone can find in the archive that they were used as a prop for a skit. It came on the Treehouse of Horrors IV. The episode didn't actually make the cut but recently the unused, illustrated storyboard have surfaced on the internet. The story goes that his red rug mutates, grows spider like legs and goes about tormenting, slaughtering and sucking the blood from the residents of Springfield!

He was also pegged to be an ongoing cameo character, but the creators didn't see that working either.

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