Monday, October 12, 2009


I've lost my job. And in these economically tough times it sucks, sure, but it's certainly a better alternative to what I was doing, which was my job. My days and weeks consisted of going into a place of business where there wasn't much professionalism and sound ethics. I was managed by a woman, THE CHEST, that didn't know her ass from a missile silo sixty seven feet below ground. She was demanding of me when she didn't know what she was demanding of me. I have twenty years experience in the optical industry, while she has less than five. I have ground more pairs of eye glasses than she has worked minutes in the biz. I have faceted and drilled as many lens as she has sold. Hell, I've intentionally, hucked more CR-39 lens at my poster/target of a super-model for Luxottica eyewear that was pinned to the wall then she's changed out nasty, head cheese infested nose pads.

She is a big, fat dummy.

That being said, I'm the one that is still unemployed.

And truth be told, I was fired from this place, a place I won't divulge the name of, but, without uttering the name, I will say there isn't the words Eye and Glass and World on the front of the leased building at 6029 N. Division in Spokane, Washington. For some, being fired sounds like the worst thing ever, the end of the world. A stigma of sorts follows when you tell someone that you were 'fired' but for me it's different. It's not the end of the world but the beginning of a new chapter. A life experience to grow from. A challenge to move forward with and conquer. A mountain to climb in order to jump off and fly gravityless like the Birdmen of Oslo. An unwanted but needed vacation from a place I despise worse than any Lindsey Lohan movie ever produced.

And, for me it's a first. I had never been fired. Not in twenty-four years of working. Not when I was a kid with nary a responsibility. Never. Hadn't. And now have.

But, like I said, it's move on time. No worries, one day at time, and, now I'm beginning to find, sheer and utter days of long, cold boredom.


So, I find myself trying to stay busy. Filling out applications, pasting resumes, being placed on hold for thirty minutes by Joy, the unemployment lady to have a seventy-three second conversation to determine that I am indeed have the same phone number and e-mail address as what I put on my application.

That isn't all I do though. Afterall, there are something like four hours in a day, right? After the late morning and mid-afternoon naps, of course.

And then there is Facebook.

It would be a lie to say I don't Facebook, but it isn't like I spend the better part of the day on it. Okay, that is a lie. Maybe I do spend a little too much time on Facebook. As a matter of fact, I was recently told that I'm "seriously on this thing WAY too much." Facebook, that is. True, but dang Leahlyn, how do you suppose I'll be able to rule New York and Russia if I'm not? I mean, Mafia Wars won't be fought by themselves, now will they? Geesh! Anyway, I'm not on WAY too much. Really. The time spent FB'ing could be spent in worse ways like watching soap operas or God forbid, Ellen. I haven't got to that point in my life yet, so until I do I'll just keep telling myself that I'm going about my day at least somewhat productive.

It has other purposes other than Mafia Wars. It's a networking, socializing and creative waste of time but hardly ham fisted. No sir. Heck, I've met up with friends from grade school, reacquainted myself with high school buddies and most importantly made friends with dozens of others, including leggy, brunette, complete strangers from Moscow! Point is, there is a perfectly good reason that Facebook isn't a waste of time, and more of a productive time passer until my next nap.

Wow! Is it noon already? Gotta run all, but after my nap...

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  1. "leggy, brunette, complete strangers from Moscow"
    Really? K?

    Love it, you always make me laugh!