Friday, October 16, 2009

KC-135 and the Sunshine Balloon Band

I wasn't going to do this, but I have to. Pisses me off!

Everyone, myself included, is consumed with this 'balloon boy', the one that supposedly floated 7000 feet in the sky, over Colorado, while the cameras rolled and the whole country followed in horror. The boy 'lands' in the cellar, narrowly misses puking up on Barbara Walters, and announces it was 'for the show'.


So, now there is a question of whether or not the boys father has narcissistic personality disorder. If this guy wants the publicity, if this guy wants to fly, then let's give it to him. And we won't call it punishment. Remember, he's just chasing a dream, this is America after all. That being said, I say one end of a long rope should be tied to his testicles and the other end to a KC-135. WHOO HOO! We have take off!!!

But that isn't what angers me.

Where my ire bubbles over is that we, as a society, built this. This guy thinks he can run around acting like an orangutans ass. He knows that while I'm trying to watch Judge Judy, I'll be interrupted by his stupid, silver UFO, and my afternoon will be ruined.

Let me reiterate, he knows this!

For this, he should be punished!

So, in closing I say we stand him up in front of the Honorable Judge herself and see how long he lasts with her. He'll be praying for the a long rope and a cargo tanker.

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