Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow bound and gagged...

Let's face it people, you're all a blizzard of whiners, blowing in nor'eastern winds.  What is it with all the crying and whimpering and carrying on and naming a little snow things such as Snowpocalypse and Snowmaggedon?  Kind of overkill don't you think?

Here's a picture of what your going through.

Ah....a snowball fight. You easterners are sure cute.

A penguin?  Is this a ploy to the receive extra funding from the federal government?  Really, it's just plain creepy.  You oughta be ashamed and embarrassed.

Speaking of the federal government.  Now the Secret Service on skis?  Haven't you all heard of all seasons or studs?  Pathetic!

Fact is you haven't seen snow until you've seen snow like we had last year in the Pacific Northwest. Nearly 90 inches all told, fell on us in the span of only a couple of weeks in December and January.

We had snow that crushed house roofs, caused little old ladies to fall down in the parking lots of Petsmart and forced us to sled to work on the roofs of our vehicles.

But did the government shut down?  Did President Bush declare a state of emergency, calling our environmental problem Snowmaggedon?  (Not that he could pronounce such a big, made up word.)  Hell no.  We moved on.  Made the best of it and tried to enjoy it, knowing it would just a melted memory soon enough.  Although, in all fairness, it did put a damper on the Aryan Nation compound for several days.  Rumor was their bedsheets made them nearly invisible tromping through the forests, playing their silly 'Brotherhood of the Righteous White Man' games.

But damn'd if we'd let a little accumulated snow disrupt our lives.

Here, take a look at a Polaroid that I snapped of my 12 year old son on the roof shoveling off 13,000 cubic tons of the white stuff just before the house collapsed.

What a trooper he was.

I just don't get the the upheaval this has caused.  Really.  It's just a little snow that will be gone in a couple weeks and then you can go about whining about how humid it is.

One good thing that has come from your 'blizzard' is this YouTube video.  This guy is the funniest weatherman I've ever seen.  Had Letterman been even half as funny, he'd probably be as rich as Oprah, rather than scraping by on a measly $40 million a year.


  1. I hope your son made it out alive.

    This weatherman is hilarious!

  2. Ya, he made it out alive alright, but is more upset at me, not for the collapse, but for the reference to him in my blog. Teens! I tell you.

    And the weatherman...I'd watch the news more often if that was the kind of talent I could look for every evening.