Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Camera Conceit and Other Health Care Reform Concerns.

I'm no doctor but I have to believe there's going to be an onslaught of tendinitis, bursitis, inpingement syndrome and Canon-Kodak cameraitis of the elbow and shoulder in the near future.

In this day of digital 'look at me' and 'hey, be my FB friend!', I began noticing something.  A person has to look very closely, mostly because it's become so normal that the brain doesn't register this phenomenon but it's is indeed there.

I call it camera conceit.

Camera conceit is 98% of the pictures posted on the internet, the shot of a person holding the camera, pointed at themselves, taking posed photos to make themselves look 'cute' or 'action like', holding up peace signs or open mouth shots of Oreo's overflowing like chocolate lava.  More than likely, if you look really close, they're just plain annoying.

This is where injuries are going to start happening.  Mark my words.  Two years, ten...heck, maybe thirteen years from now, it'll happen.  There will be a run on emergency rooms around the world.  People coming in with locked elbows, or tears in delts and serratus anterior muscles and even inflamed levatar scapulae that can only be repaired with long treatments of anit-inflammatorys and ice packs.  The only way these are going to be prevented is a person employing their own personal cameraman or, simply using a tripod.  Easy precautionary measured but surely the only way to overcome any future problems.
Take a look at a couple examples of camera conceit..

Oh, and before you get upset that I'm going to post unsolicited photos of strangers that I got off the internet, don't.  These are my family members that happened to download their photos on my computer so I consider them public domain.

Though, no doubt about it, these people are extremely strange.

Here's a shot my son taking a shot of himself.  Notice how he isn't taking a proper photo 'stance' and how his arm is crooked at a funny angle.  Suggests to me large, future medical bills.

I sure hope his mother has insurance.

This is my niece.  I had to listen to her whine and cry for hours one evening when she was a baby and she wouldn't let me change her crappy diaper.

But that's beside the point.

In this photo we're witnessing bad shoulder posture. She has her arm flexed straight out, but her clavicle is at a less than 45 degree angle, spelling rhomboid major muscle deterioration.

Scary...and yes, I am talking about that picture.

This kid...hmmm...I truly have no idea who he is.

Fact is, we're a nation of narcissists.

And before you say, "HEY!  I've seen you do it.  I've seen pics of you that I damn'd well know you took yourself!", let me just respond by saying, duh!  Just look at me.  If you looked this good, wouldn't you?

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