Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shout Out to the Blog Gods

This has been a trying past year or so for me.  Lots of ups and probably a whole lot more downs then I'd like to admit.  But, I like to think that I've come out of it a stronger man, with more direction than I've had in many years.  A clarity of sorts.

Through this long year I've had a whole bunch of support that help from friends and family in that strong armed me into pulling up my boot straps.  My beautiful girlfriend even slapped me silly a time, with a couple wedgies during 'conversations' thrown in, I suspect just because she thought it would be funny.  Ha Ha and HA!

The one group of people I'd like to give special mention to is my family of bloggers.  This group of people brought me out of a funk at times, and gave me the inspiration to start up my writing that I'd been 'saying' I wanted to do for a long, long time, but I had always made excuses not to, whether consciously or while in a  semi-comatose state.  More times than not that was where I found myself.  Regardless, I find myself in a 'new' place, punching out my blog and writing a novel that I'd been 'writing' for years.

Oh, and Woody, I steal from you when I now use "Nut up or shut up!" as my new motto.

That being said, I'd like to do some 'advertising' for some of the blogs that have given me some laughs and inspiration.  I know there are plenty of people missing out if they're not reading them.

I know I will have missed some, and in advance I apologize.  Feel free to let me know and beat me down with a wet noodle if you like.  Also if you have any suggestions or would like to be added to my list of reads, please leave a message.  My secretary only bites when she hasn't had herFunyuns.

Hope you all enjoy.


  1. I am honored to be included among this illustrious?, yeah, I guess ... illustrious group of bloggers. :) I think I know most of them and most of them aren't asshats.

  2. Nah...not most of them. But all of them keep me comin' back for more. You guys!