Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Google Earth is Watching

Google Earth is at it again.  Doesn't matter where you are, they're watching and in the know about what you and you're loved ones and even what my racist dog Dum Dum is up to.  They can see you.  What you're wearing, what you're not wearing and even the if you washed the blood off the back patio.

Okay, so these pictures or what I consider them to be, intrusions, are taken maybe a year ago, or just six months ago, but they were taken, without your knowledge.  But they were!

It's a tracking tool to assist you in finding your way to a doctors appointment or directions to the local Cinemaplex or help you find your way  back from a really long night on the town in which you find yourself coming out of a blackout and you feel all icky and are now in Wichita home. the authorities are using Google Earth to watch you!

Case #1 - In New York, on Long Island, the city has used Google Earth satellite imagery to track swimming pools that have been dug, filled with chlorinated water, and have been used for wild orgies, with obnoxious big hair bands from the 80's blaring from large woofers.  Okay, I made up the orgy part but I have to bet 'Wanted Dead or Alive' was kickin' it old school.  Point is, the authorities nabbed over 250 home owners that were in violation of building swimming pools, without proper permits, all by using Google Earth.

Case #2 - In 2006, in Racine, Wisconsin, coppers busted a marijuana operation by using the eye in the sky.  Turns out, hidden within a field of corn or hemp or something that farmers farm, cops discovered hippies growing the whacky weed using Google Earth.  When the bust went down, one of the growers was wearing a GPS devise around his neck, which lead them to not only another pot field, but also the nearest White Castle.

So, in this day and age, when there is a camera on every street corner, ATM machine, Circle K and inside and outside of
Deja Vu strip club, do we really have any privacy to speak of?  Are our rights being slowly taken away or are we being forced into a secure mentality where we know that, if we are held up by a one armed man wielding a long knife, we'll be protected because there is certain to be a grainy photo of an indistinguishable, hoody wearing punk/grandma/iguana?

I'm not sure but I think this debate is just beginning.  I think it'll get much worse before this question of our privacy is answered.

Google Earth is not going anywhere so what I suggest is that we all keep our shirts on, covering our pasty white skin that should only be on display when in the privacy of your own home.  Nanny cams can't be blamed on Google though, so if there happens to be a teddy bear leering at you while your humping on your sixteen year old babysitter, that's your cross to bear.

Finally this.  Google Earth, rumors abound, are working in conjunction with the Catholic church, and have developed new software to keep an eye on sinners the world over.

So watch your step, you sleazy perverts!


  1. You say these pictures were taken a year ago? Are you sure about this... its really important to know exactly when because of errr.. ummm.. well. Its just important, okay. =]

  2. Holly, that's what they're saying, but you really can't be sure when...hey wait. You haven't gone and done something to get yourself shunned from Hooterville, have you?

  3. i promise the bear i have in our room is just that, a bear. I have no clue why it is so conveniently placed in such a way that it is starring right at you. LOL!

  4. I live literally in the crotch of the universe. It was the armpit but we got downgraded after a hurricane. We don't have public water/sewage, and it's mainly wooded very rural, no teeth required and where I am sure most of the "people of walmart" photos come from. Yet lovely google earth has managed to keep my home and land included and updated even with the new street view, showing that we FAIL to mow our grass. Yesterday 5 choppers flew over my house. Why? nearest airport? next state. but I found out who in my area owns boats and cars they have abandoned in the woods, so that's good for parts and stuff right? Big brothers is gonna piss me off enough to write some shit on my roof in the near future.

  5. Holly and Sandi - Seems once again I didn't do my homework, something that started back in Ms Minks' first grade class (bitch!). Turns out my info was wrong, that the eye in the sky is updated more often than I was in the know about. Tis not a bad idea placing a message on the roof...maybe, "The moon landing was a hoax!"

    Christel - I stabbed the eyes out of the bears eyes!!!

  6. Fine, let them watch us. Go ahead! And then realize that the city hasn't picked up the garbage, or cleaned the streets, or in the winter cleared the damn snow --- post those pictures!

    And the church is just freaky.

  7. Don't worry, whatever Google earth doesn't catch, us bloggers are throwing it out there with complete details of those said orgies and whatnot... we are sick people!